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About Oak Island Driving School

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Founder and owner

I'm Rob Cole, the proud owner and operator of Oak Island Driving School. With over 25 years of dedicated service in the field of emergency services, I bring a wealth of experience to driver education. The motivation to establish Oak Island Driving School came from attending years of preventable vehicle accidents. Many of these incidents were attributable to drivers lacking essential skills or developing detrimental habits over the years, resulting in these avoidable accidents.  My objective is to teach students the vital skills required for a lifetime of safe driving practices.

 Throughout my career, I underwent rigorous training in emergency vehicle operations, maintaining my certification through biennial re-qualification. My role also involved instructing coworkers and students of all ages in various school settings. This background instilled in me the ability to remain composed and focused during stressful situations, translating into a calm learning environment for my students. With 37 years of driving experience spanning diverse weather conditions and scenarios, coupled with a deep understanding of the Highway Traffic Act and its regulations, I offer comprehensive expertise. I also hold credentials as an RRC Polytech Commercial Driver School Instructor Course graduate and am a permitted driving instructor through MPIC.

Our vehicle

Oak Island Driving School: Training vehicle


Oak Island Driving School utilizes modern vehicles that undergo biannual mechanical inspections as per MPIC recommendations. Additionally, each vehicle is equipped with essential safety features such as an instructor brake and visible signage, signaling to other drivers the presence of a learning driver. These measures ensure that your focus remains on mastering the skills necessary to become a safe and competent driver.

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